2014 Municipal Elections Information

Municipal Elections take place every 4 years. The next Municipal Election will be held in 2014 with the election results being tallied Monday, October 27th, 2014.  Visit the Seguin Township website for more details.

NOTE:  Visit the Township of Muskoka Lakes website for more details on Muskoka Lakes Municipal Elections.

Internet & Telephone Voting

Seguin Township will be implementing Internet and Telephone Voting for the 2014 Municipal Election. This system replaces the traditional polling place method and eliminates the need for advance polls and voting proxies. It also improves voter access and increases voter participation. As the election draws closer we will be including more information here about the voting process.


Jack Hepworth officially a candidate

Parry Sound North Star - January 30th, 2014
By Sarah Bissonette

SEGUIN TWP. – The election in Seguin is off and running, with Jack Hepworth running for re-election in ward six.

Hepworth submitted his name as a candidate for the ward that includes Rosseau on January 8. He’s represented the area for one term of council already.

“I want to continue by community commitment, “ said Hepworth. “Once you start in the process, then you sort of take ownership of the whole process and you want to make sure what you’ve established is maintained.”

He listed preserving the environment, water quality, shoreline management and prudent budgeting as areas he’d like to continue working on if re-elected.

Over the last four years, Hepworth has sat on the Muskoka Watershed Council, Seguin’s committee of adjustment, the Parry Sound District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) and the Seguin library board, plus the Rosseau Action Committee. From each board he highlighted good news; from the zero per cent levy increase from DSSAB, to the new Foley library.

“One of the things I want make sure we get done is the accessibility for the community hall, that’s a given,” said Hepworth. “And that’s in the capital budget for 2017.”

The capital budget, he explained, is done in five-year stages. Once the project is done in Rosseau, all four community centres in Seguin will be accessible to everyone.

The Muskoka Watershed Council and the committee of adjustment, where many environmental issues are dealt with, including shoreline integrity, go hand-in-hand.

“(The advisory council is) where you get the science that allows you to speak with integrity about shoreline issues, water quality, the effect of settlement, orderly development, et cetera,” he said. “The Muskoka Watershed Council realizes that the environment is the economy… and we have to work hard to perpetuate a sustainable environment in order to maintain the kind of economy we have.”

He put his name forward at this point as residents were asking him if he planned to run again.

Candidates for municipal council and school boards could submit their names starting January 1.

Candidates have until September 12 to file nominations. Election day is October 27. The first day of the new term is December 1

Bruce Gibbon to run for mayor in Seguin Township

Incumbent Mayor David Conn opts not to run again

Parry Sound North Star - Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

SEGUIN - Seguin Township Coun. Bruce Gibbon today filed to run for the mayor’s seat in this fall’s municipal election.

“Over the past eight years we have accomplished a great deal but there is more to be done,” said Gibbon in a release issued Wednesday. I want to work together with council to firmly position Seguin as a top tier municipality, a municipality where the protection of Seguin’s natural visual and social environment combines with controlled and appropriate economic development to enhance the quality of life and prosperity for our residents.”

Gibbon has served as a member of council for eight years. However his involvement with Seguin’s operations goes back to 2002 as a member of the finance committee. He subsequently chaired Seguin’s finance committee for the 2003-2006 term of council as Seguin Township developed a plan to strengthen the township’s fiscal position.

He was first elected in 2006 to represent Ward 2, and then was acclaimed in 2010. Bruce said his career spanned 34 years in business management and he plans to bring those skills to the mayor’s position.

Citing Mayor David Conn’s leadership skills, Gibbon said the incoming mayor will have “huge” shoes to fill as Conn opts not to run again after 11 years as the head of council.

“I think he’s been an absolutely outstanding mayor,” Gibbon said.

Over the next four years, Gibbon said he would focus on the protection of Seguin’s natural, visual and social environments under the ‘Environment First’ principle; vigilant protection of Seguin’s financial position to maintain a no deficit track record while keeping Seguin’s tax rate as one of the lowest in the province; driving controlled and appropriate economic development and growth to enhance the quality of life, employment opportunities and prosperity for the people of Seguin Township; and, Striving for excellence in service delivery to the people of Seguin and to firmly position Seguin as a top tier municipal operation that meets and exceeds established service delivery standards and makes it easier to do business in Seguin.

The deadline to file for the October 27 municipal election is September 1. In Seguin Township, several incumbents have filed to run for a return to the council table, including Jack Hepworth (Ward 6), Everitt Jacklin (Ward 5), Doug Sainsbury (Ward 4) and Rod Osborne (Ward 3). A new candidate, Dale Graves, has also filed to run for a councillor’s seat in Ward 1

Seguin mayor David Conn not seeking reelection

Parry Sound North Star - Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
By Sarah Bissonette

SEGUIN TWP. – After 11 years as mayor of Seguin Township, David Conn announced this week he’s not seeking reelection this fall.

With the township’s campaign season starting in June, Conn said he wanted to let his intentions be known now so other possible mayoral candidates have time step forward and prepare.

“I am proud of what has been accomplished in Seguin during my tenure as mayor,” wrote Conn in a press release. “All of these accomplishments are the result of a team effort between the three councils with which I have worked, a very talented, caring and professional staff under the leadership of chief administrative officer Tom Stockie, and an incredibly dedicated group of resident volunteers who have given unselfishly of their time and skills to help improve the quality of life in Seguin.”

Over the years, he wrote, the township has leveraged provincial and federal grants to put more than $34 million into infrastructure, including an upgraded Rosseau waterfront, new Foley fire hall, and new Humphrey library.

“Working together, we have stimulated economic growth through the addition of a number of new companies in Seguin,” wrote Conn. “Most notable has been the success at our airport industrial park where, under the leadership of Councillor Doug Sainsbury, we have experienced terrific growth in new businesses.”

A highlight that stands out for him, along with the township’s environment-first stance, is the township’s sound finances.

“I think, us back to a position of financial health is really the lever that allowed us to do everything else,” he said.

There have also been challenges over the years. When the township council proposed draft tree cutting, fill and blasting bylaws before, protestors gathered outside the municipal office in vocal opposition. That situation, said Conn, could have benefited from better communication around the bylaws from the township.

As the township moves forward after this election, Conn suggested that along with maintaining the environment and its finances another area of focus should be increasing the population.

“I am biased, obviously, but I think Seguin is on a good tract,” said Conn.

Conn said he’s extremely grateful for the support of residents during his tenure as mayor.

 “I also want to thank my family, particularly my wife Joan, for their continual and strong support,” he wrote. “It is not easy being in the family of someone who is in the public eye.”

As of Monday, no mayoral candidates have come forward.

Those seeking one of the six councillor chairs are incumbents Coun. Doug Sainsbury, Coun. Jack Hepworth, Coun. Bruce Gibbon, Coun. Rod Osborne and resident Dale Graves.

Carol Corriveau-Truchon has put her name forward to continue representing this area at Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board.

Candidates in both the municipal and school board elections have until September to put their names forward.

Voting in Seguin is done via Internet and telephone this year. Ballots will be tallied October 27. The next four-year term begins December 1.