Alice Murphy for Mayor - Township of Muskoka Lakes

Alice Murphy

Candidate for Mayor

Township of Muskoka Lakes


With over thirty years of senior business experience, Alice Murphy is focused on bringing leadership and accountability to the Township of Muskoka Lakes.

“It’s time for positive change.  Our current council has a record of unacceptable decisions that showed poor judgment and unnecessary spending.  We need to get back on track, and we need to make things right.  My career in senior finance provides me with the skills and experience to really get a handle on the Township finances.”

Murphy will bring strong leadership to the Township, and work with the rest of Council to implement improved business practices, more frugal spending, and a stronger voice at the District Council.  "Township has only 18% of the votes at District but contributes 38% of the revenues, essentially subsidizing the other municipalities.  For example, we are now facing a dramatic increase in the allocation of waste costs from District, while other municipalities will experience a decrease, and this is just wrong.

"Our council needs to be tough enough to take on big developers who have bullied the current council into approving unpopular developments such as Hanna's Landing and Red Leaves.  We don’t need high-density housing or more mega resorts on the waterfront.  Instead, we need to protect our natural environment and preserve it for the next generation.

Sensible policies, understandable by all, and significantly improved communication are clearly priorities.  “A newsletter update, clearly outlining what happened at council meetings is an easy example of how we could provide our constituency with accessible communication.”

“Taxpayers of this Township deserve more accountability on all issues, and particularly on budget matters.  I want to make a difference and give back to the community that I’ve made my home.  That’s why I am running to become the next Mayor.”  It’s time for positive change”.


Alice Murphy