Don Furniss for Township Councillor Ward B - Township of Muskoka Lakes

Don Furniss

Ward “B” Candidate for Township Councillor

Township of Muskoka Lakes


Don Furniss was born and raised in Toronto and the GTA.


My wife Carol our two children & I have vacationed in Muskoka all our lives and her family has lived and owned property in the Township for 137 consecutive years


In 2004, I retired after more than 30 years in sales and senior management positions for a multinational chemical company, including stints as the CEO of the Canadian and Korean subsidiaries.


I am a strong believer, that giving back to the community in which you live, makes the communities better places for all citizens.   This is the major reason I am seeking a seat on council, hopefully I can make a positive difference over the next 4 years.


While I have never sought an elected public office in the past, I have served on the boards of several companies and associations and believe the fiduciary & governance duties of a Director very closely parallel those of a Councilor.   Plus my experience in effectively managing large lean companies, controlling multi million dollar capital projects and building consensus with diverse interest groups should provide valuable skill sets on the next council.


My Current Concerns are:


-          Bala Falls, Hanna’s Landing, the Milford Manor Lawsuit, waste collection fees and morale in our Fire Dept.

-          Capital debt & budget spending that consistently exceeds the rate of inflation,

-          Excessive taxation of waterfront properties with minimal services,

-          And maintaining a balance between preservation of the environment and protection of property owners rights.


If I am elected, I will push to see council and staff review Capital Spending Procedures, movement to a multi year budget process tied to the Official Plan, study alternate tax categories for  waterfront properties and the simplification of By Law 87-87 and all the subsequent amendments.


Don Furniss