Gault McTaggart for Township Councillor Ward B - Township of Muskoka Lakes

Gault McTaggart

Ward “B” Candidate for Township Councillor

Township of Muskoka Lakes


Gault and his wife Anne have been summer visitors to Muskoka since the 60’s (Anne’s family since 1925), and chose to move permanently to the area in the spring of 2000.


Gault’s business background includes an MBA earned in 1971, followed by 30 years of senior management experience in the fields of logistics, strategic planning, project management, and operations.


In Muskoka Gault played a key role in the reactivation of the Three Mile Lake Association in 2005 and the subsequent education program regarding lake health & stewardship delivered to the residents of Three Mile Lake. He acted as treasurer of the association from 2005-2009.


Gault is also:

- Director of the Muskoka Lakes Museum in Port Carling since 2005

- Treasurer and board member of Spinning Reels - a community cinema program


The issues that Gault wants to focus on for the benefit of the community include:


·         Environment Protection - Water quality

  - Wetlands preservation

  - Shoreline protection

·         Responsible development that expands and diversifies the Muskoka economy in the long term.

·         Expanded communication of Township policies and activities through e-bulletins & website.

·         Policies that encourage and promote a Green Economy and reduce carbon emissions.


Gault McTaggart