Larrie MacRae for Mayor - Township of Muskoka Lakes

Larrie MacRae

Candidate for Mayor

Township of Muskoka Lakes


As a resident and business owner in Muskoka Lakes I have been involved with many issues in our community, I have observed, too many decisions made without due process or transparency.  The results have been both costly and embarrassing.  I bring to the head of the table a Business Degree and years of experience and also the much needed common sense lacking by present day Council and Mayor:  Business Advent for I.P.P. and G.C.U. and chief negotiator I had to deal with Conrad Black and Lord Thompson of Fleet, and was very successful in my endeavors.  As business advent I brought them out of the Red and well into the Black.  I have been on two chamber of Commerce St. Thomas and also Mississauga.  I have the interpersonal skills and Human relationship skills needed to address the Fire Department issues.  Doing business and living in Muskoka Lakes for the past twenty two years.  As your Mayor I would insist your Council will have greater transparency in the decisions, affecting you in Township of Muskoka.  Change the Council meetings from morning time to evening so that all concerned can attend.  Better management of public spending.


 Current taxes are higher than the inflation rate, I will endeavor to ensure that property taxes in the Township of Muskoka Lakes are fair and equitable and set within the economic environment community centers are kept open and put back into the hands of volunteer directors.  Bala Falls hydro electric plant should not be a go and Council has put us in mess from lack of knowledge to stop it.


Unless someone like you Cares an Awful lot Nothing is going to Change it’s Not.



Larrie MacRae