LRNA Agreement Constituting the Lake Rosseau North Association

THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into as of the 1st day of February, 1982, by and between the parties who shall execute this Agreement.

WHEREAS the parties have interests in various lands located in the region of the northern part of Lake Rosseau, Ontario.

WITNESSETH that, the parties hereto do hereby agree to form an association, which shall be constituted as follows:

1. Name: The Lake Rosseau North Association

2. Objects: The objects of the Association shall be to promote sound use, environmental and taxation policies on the part of federal, provincial and municipal governments and politicians; to promote the implementation of such policies for land fronting or extending from the shoreline of the northern part of Lake Rosseau being that portion north of Skeleton Bay on the east side, and the southerly boundary of Seguin Township on the west, and surrounding areas and lakes therein.

It is not an object of the Association to carry on business for profit.

3. Directors: The Association shall have a maximum of twelve (12) Directors who shall manage the affairs of the Association and may appoint such committees for such terms and having such duties as the directors shall determine.  The Directors of the Association shall be elected by the members from among their number at the annual meeting of the Association, and shall serve for a period of two years or until their successors are elected.

4. Officers: The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice President and Secretary, who shall be elected by the directors from amongst their number at a meeting of Directors to be held following each annual meeting of members of the Association.  If any vacancy shall occur in any of the said offices, or on the Board of Directors, it may be filled by a quorum of Directors.

The Treasurer and Executive Secretary shall be permanent, non-voting positions appointed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Secretary will receive an annual stipend to be set by the Board of Directors.

The out-going President continues, as Past-President, to serve on the Board as a voting Director until he/she is succeeded by the incumbent President, at which time he becomes a non-voting Director, acting in an advisory capacity to the new Board.

The Past-President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominations Committee each year.

5. Membership: Membership in the Association shall consist of those persons signing this Agreement and such other persons as are admitted to membership by a majority vote of the Directors.  An individual who owns or is the tenant of lands within the area described in Article 2 and anyone connected to such an individual by blood relationship, marriage or adoption is eligible for membership in the Association. Active membership may be terminated at any time, upon the member giving his   resignation in writing to an officer of the Association. 

6. Assessment of Members: Funds necessary for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Association may, from time to time, be assessed in such amounts as the Directors of the Association shall deem necessary and proper.  Provided, however, that without the consent of a majority of members, the Directors shall not make assessments which, in any calendar year, aggregate in excess of $30.00 per member. 

There shall be no pro-rated Membership fees and Fees not paid by September 30 shall result in loss of Membership privileges (eg. receipt of Newsletters and other mailings, inclusion in and receipt of LRNA Directory). Failure to pay fees for 2 successive years shall result in cessation of Membership. 

7. Meetings of Directors: The Directors may meet at any place and upon not less than three days prior written notice.  If all the Directors of the Association consent, a Director may participate in a meeting of directors by means of a telephone, which permits all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other. Five (5) Directors constitutes a quorum and notwithstanding any vacancy among the Directors, a quorum of Directors may exercise all the powers of the Directors.  

8. Meeting of Members: The annual general meeting of the Association shall be held at least annually at such place as may be designated by the Directors within the area described in Article 2 and on such date from June 15 to September 15 inclusive in each year as the Directors shall determine.  A special meeting of members may be called at any time by resolution of the Board of Directors.  Notice of the time and place of a meeting of members shall be sent not less than fourteen days before the meeting to each member and shall state the nature of the business to be conducted at the meeting.  

9. Waiver of Notice: A Director or member may in any manner waive notice of a meeting of Directors or members, either before or after the holding of the meeting.

10. Quorum for Members Meetings: The quorum for meetings of members of the Association shall be not less than 10% of the total current in person representing by proxy not less than a majority of the active membership of the Association. 

11. Voting: Voting at a meeting of members shall be by show of hands, except where a ballot is demanded by a member entitled to vote at the meeting. 

12. Amendments: This agreement may be amended by a resolution passed at a general meeting of the members of the Association by the vote of 66 2/3% of the members present at the meeting.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned have executed this agreement as of the date first above written.

February 1, 1982

Amended August 12, 1995

Amended August 15, 1987

Amended August 11, 2001

Amended August 14, 2004