2010 Municipal Elections for Seguin Township

Election Day was on Monday October 25th, 2010.

follow the link below to get the

2010 Seguin Township Municipal Election Official Results

Seguin Township will once again use Vote By Mail* in the upcoming municipal election.  This system replaces the traditional polling place method and eliminates the need for advance polls and voting proxies.  It also improves voter access and increases voter participation.

The following is the link to the Seguin Township for more details on the Municipal Election in Seguin Township:


Please click on this link for a map of the Township of Seguin broken down by Ward.

The Lake Rosseau North Association did a dock drop to the Township of Seguin side of the North end of Lake Rosseau on the weekend of September 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Please follow this link for details on what was distributed by dock drop.  We thank Jordan Patten for distributing the dock drop packages.

For for your voting ballots in the mail from Seguin Township the week of September 27th, 2010.

Each Mayor Candidate & candidate running for Ward 6 were asked to submit a 300 word submission to the LRNA.   Follow the links below to read their submissions:

For Mayor:

   1) David Conn - endorsed by LRNA - Elected - 2708 out of 4610 votes = 58.74%

    2) Mark Stivrins                                                   - 1902 out of 4610 votes = 41.26%               

Candidates for Ward 6:  - 590 votes out of 1004 eligible voters = 58.76% 

    1) Jack Hepworth                                - Elected - 411 out of 590 votes = 69.66%


    2) Brian Sturgeon                                                 - 179 out of 590 votes = 30.34%

On September 3rd, 4th & 5th - LRNA did a dock drop on the North end of Lake Rosseau in the Township of Seguin.  Click on this link to read what was dropped at the docks.  Thank you for Jordan Patten for braving the stormy weather to accomplish this task.

Here is the link to the Fall 2010 LRNA Newsletter on the 2010 Municipal Elections.

For Township of Muskoka Lakes municipal election information, click on this link.

* Do you know if you are on the Voter's list?

Who can vote?

Property owners

Spouses (partners i.e. common-law) of property owners

Children of property owners 18+ years of age AND residing full time in the municipality

People who are live and rent in Seguin or Township of Muskoka Lakes 

Consider their permanent residence either Seguin or Township of Muskoka Lakes

Must be a Canadian Citizen

The following links to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Municipal Elections web site which contains additional information for candidates as well as the Municipal Elections 2010 Guide:

Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing Municipal Election Information