Rosseau i-neighbors - Stay in touch with Rosseau

Jack Hepworth (Chair of the RCAC) is inviting you to join i-Neighbors.

The Rosseau Community Action Committee (RCAC) is interested in enhancing our connections and communication to the neighbourhood.  You are invited to join a Neighbourhood Forum for the Rosseau Community and Ward 6 of Seguin Township. Here is an effective forum for you to communicate with your neighbours and the RCAC. 

You will see on the site that a forum has already been started on the RInC Grant for hard surface sports courts at the field house. Reference documents are included there to define the parameters of the project. When an application is approved as this one has been then the terms of reference are established as applied for. Our objective now is to frame the specifics based on community input and with specific emphasis on input from Rosseau Youth. This forum is one of the methods that can accomplish this.

Operated as a free service by the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania i-Neighbors is a free service that connects residents of geographic neighborhoods.

Connect with your neighbors at

When inputting the Rosseau postal code be sure to leave a space between P0C and 1J0.

If you are interested in participating in the Rosseau Neighbourhood, having a say, seeing what others are saying, and sharing your views photos, interests, notices of special events on the calendar and any concerns etc. this may a good place for you to start. This is an interactive web site just made up of people from your neighbourhood.

Please invite any of your friends and neighbours and cottagers in the P0C 1J0 area

Thanks for your support in building community, Jack