Rosseau Regatta (43rd Annual) - July 25th, 2009

2009 Rosseau Regatta Results:
Fortunately the weather treated us a little more kindly this year and we were able to begin the final medal and trophy presentations on time.  There were roughly 84 registered participants who generated $265 in fees that will be donated to the Ruth E. Dare Health Clinic in Rosseau.

Highlights include:

- The J. S. Ditchburn Memorial Trophy for the regatta championship was awarded to Oliver Neal who earned the most points throughout the day.
- Joy Jarvis completed another successful swim from Port Carling to Rosseau. We paused our swim races to welcome her.
- The D. E. Coate Memorial Trophy for women's canoeing skill went to Margie Bawden.
- The C. B. Coate Memorial Trophy for men's canoeing skill went to Stephen Gray.
- Honourable mention in canoeing skill goes to Peter Bawden and Faith Bawden for demonstrating how one canoe can empty another swamped canoe away from shore.
- In the distance swims: Emily Neal won for Ladies over 16; Liam Bogart won for Boys 16 & under; and Peter Bawden won in the Open (men and women) over 40 category.
- For the distance canoe races: David & Oliver Neal won in the Boys & Men category while Emily Neal & Kristen Frame won the Girls & Ladies.