Mayor David Conn (Incumbent) for Mayor - Seguin Township


I am asking for your support to re-elect me as your mayor.

When first elected seven years ago, I made you some promises. I promised to be first for the environment; first for tax value; and first for controlled growth.

I believe that I have provided the leadership that has delivered on these promises.

We now have an official plan that protects and preserves our natural, visual and social environments. We have supported our official plan with tree cutting, fill, and blasting bylaws. A water quality testing program has been initiated; we have continued the septic re-inspection program; and we have introduced a lake stewardship guide that provides practical examples of how you can protect your shoreline and improve water quality.

When first elected, I inherited a financial mess. Bottom line-the township was spending way beyond it’s means. We fixed this mess and today we are in good financial shape. We have kept operating expenses under control; we have a reasonable level of reserves; we will be debt free by 2012; and our tax rate is amongst the lowest of any seasonal municipality in the province.

Further, we have leveraged our capital dollars with provincial and federal grants to substantially improve our roads, bridges, and facilities infrastructure, including the Rosseau waterfront.

With your support, I pledge to continue to provide the leadership that works:

  •   ·        Leadership that works to continue to put our environment first;

    ·        Leadership that delivers tax value. This means minimal tax increases;

    ·        Leadership that delivers sensible growth that respects our environment.

Please visit my website:

David Conn

705 732 2209