Jack Hepworth for Ward 6 Councillor - Seguin Township

Vote Jack Hepworth Councillor Ward 6 Seguin Township

Fellow Ward 6 Residents:

Campaigning for Councillor of Ward 6 Seguin Township has been a valued and rewarding experience. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet fellow residents, listen to voters’ comments, build friendships and establish trust.

I request your support; in return I will work diligently to deliver my campaign promises:

  • Preserving the natural environment - water quality and good shoreline management.
  • Prudent budget management and operational efficiency.
  • Enhancing our community every day to keep Seguin “The Natural Place to Be”.

“Working together really works.” I am proud to be a leader and volunteer who has helped bring improved facilities, attractive community events, and effective communication to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment.

I’m running for Council because I believe that representation by elected officials requires treating that job as a priority. A very high level of dedication is not an option, it is an absolute imperative.

With hard work, steady commitment, and working together with like-minded others, a great number of community enhancements have been realized.

Just this summer alone, we have seen the completion of the Rosseau Sports Court, the 3rd Annual Rosseau Classic Cruise, and the Handbook on Sustainable Living Practices for Shoreline Property owners. I am proud to have chaired or participated in each of these team projects.

Leading and working with volunteer groups and committees, has provided the experience to deliver community improvement, sound management, and fiscal responsibility.

Your support will ensure that “committed and proven leadership” will be representing you municipally each and every day.

My past record of service is your assurance of how I and effective team leadership work.

It is just how I am, and just what we can do.

Jack Hepworth
705 732 1415
email: hepworthjack@gmail.com

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