WRAFT - Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation

WRAFT is a coalition of concerned waterfront associations in Ontario.

WRAFT's mission:

Achieve equity in waterfront property taxation.

They work on your behalf to:

  • Halt any unfair shift of tax onto the waterfront
  • Find ways to mitigate rising property taxes
  • Fight for reform in the way property taxes are allocated

If you live on any waterfront in Ontario, you've likely noticed substantial changes in your assessed property value. Some property owners have seen double digit increases in their assessment, spurring large hikes in the property taxes they pay. Those tax hikes pay for municipal and other services. Consider this: is it fair that you should pay the largest share of taxes to receive the same amount of service, or less? Action is needed now to restore fairness and equality in property assessment and taxation - on the waterfront. If you want to help, you can join at http://www.wraft.com.  

What WRAFT does:

  • assembles a team of experienced property tax reform advocates who will recommend specific mitigation strategies to the province
  • persuades the Ontario government to restore fairness in property taxation
  • monitors, studies and reports on property tax issues and distribution methods across Canada, North America and Europe
  • keeps your association informed as progress is achieved
  • educates the public on the need for property tax reform
  • builds a strong and unified voice for reform